Wednesday, September 7, 2011

luahan hati

I WONDER. memetik satu puisi indah..dari seorang akhawat :)

Sometimes when I reflect myself,

It does make me wonder,

Am I in the right path?

Am I doing the right thing?

Why everyone keep silence?

Or Im the one who make the mistakes?

Speechless… hopeless…

Or shall I just keep my own business?

And let the life goes as it like..


I wonder…

How should I act now?

If I keep silence and not moving,

Definetely Im the loser,

But when I try to work out things,

Looks like Im the only one doing that way,

How should I act now?

Does this act pleased Allah?

Ooo Allah…

Im hopeless now without Your guide.

Please guide me

To the right path.


aku kini..

melepaskan nafas perlahan-lahan..

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